Birthday Poem for 6 year old

On your birthday number SIX,
you are wished a fun day
full of exciting things to do!
May your day be as lovely as you!

6 year old

Those little hands are now half my palm
Those little feet, so fast how they run!
Those little words are now endless stories
Those little eyes now cry play-time worries

My little kid now has many friends
Goes to school and follows trends
Brushes her teeth and ties her shoes
Without mom and dad giving her cues

How fast the years have all gone by
You were once so small, now 4 ft high!
Yesterday, you’re another inch taller
This day you’ve grown another year older

You are a blessing from above!
An angel that keeps our morning bright
You make us smile all the time
You are a gift that serves our prize

You say your toys ain’t now for big kids
Wishing for things that before you don’t need
But always remember, one thing is certain
We love you forever, Happy Birthday, our angel!
I love you baby and that’s will be forever